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Kinder Morgan Y-Grade Project:
First Step in KM’s Y-Grade Pipeline Journey
Natural Gas Pipelines
Y-Grade Pipeline Project Overview
Kinder Morgan Joint Venture
Fact Sheet of Kinder Morgan
Press Release of Kinder Morgan
Ohio Getting Sixth Gas Processing Plant, New Pipeline to Carry Liquids to Gulf Coast
Is there enough Demand for two NGL Pipelines through Kentucky?
Utica Marcellus Texas Pipeline Project
The Origins of a Corporate Giant Tennessee Gas and Transmission’s Wartilime Pipene
What are Natural Gas Liquids?
Kinder’s Tennessee: Back(haul) to the Future

Southern Indiana Market Lateral (Henderson County):
Proposed Gas Pipeline to Route through Henderson
Texas Gas seeks Shippers for Lateral Moving Marcellus, Utica output to Midwest
Texas Gas Project Timeline for Pipeline through Henderson County
Texas Gas Overview for Pipeline through Henderson County

Western Kentucky Market Lateral
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

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